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VILD NORD's products help reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. But what is collagen, and what is so special about Vild Nord's products? 
Read on and learn about one of the most promising inner beauty products of our time - collagen.


Our love of the Nordic region is reflected in our entire product range, for which we mainly use ingredients that typically grow naturally in the Nordic countries.
We extract our marine collagen from North Atlantic cod, caught in the wild from sustainable fishing. Marine collagen forms the basis of all our formulas, making it our most important ingredient. Vild Nord's marine collagen is extracted from the skin of wild-caught cod. For many coastal communities throughout the world, fish and shell fish are their livelihood, but in many places they have reached the limit for sustainable fishing of fish stocks. Wild North takes this very seriously. That is why we use marine collagen from an MSC-certified supplier, thereby guaranteeing that the product comes from sustainable fishing. Our marine collagen supplier is also FSSC 2000 certified - an international food safety standard.

Vild Nord® collagen:
  • Is extracted from Nordic cod, caught in the wild from sustainable fishing in the North Atlantic
  • Is extracted from the fish's skin – the rest of the fish is used for fillets
  • Consists of hydrolysed marine collagen peptides, which have a molecular weight of 3 kDa (kilodaltons)
  • Is type 1 collagen
  • Has a protein content of more than 90%

SEAWEED (Ascophyllum Nodosum)

  • Seaweed is the forgotten vegetable of the sea. Our three GOLD varieties contain rockweed (also known as Norwegian kelp), which possesses a high content of iodine. Iodine helps maintain normal skin, so works really well with our products. Seaweed grows wild in the North Atlantic, where it is harvested, dried at low temperature and ground to a fine white powder. It is then microencapsulated, using a patented technology that lends the powder a neutral taste. Iodine also contributes to normal cognitive function and normal energy metabolism, to the normal function of the nervous system and to normal production of thyroid hormones, as well as normal thyroid function.
  • Each batch of the harvested seaweed is tested according to a fixed specification for safety, quality and important aspects of nutrition. Each batch is also fully traceable throughout the production process: from the sea to the consumer, including the name of the specific farmer. Vild Nord's seaweed is an organically-certified raw material, on account of the fact that the sea where it grows is regarded as so clean that it can be certified as organic. However, the micro-encapsulated coating, which ensures that the seaweed powder is taste- and odour-free, is not. Our supplier is the only SALSA food safety-approved, B2B seaweed supplier.


are extracted from acerola berries, a source of vitamin C that contributes to the normal formation of collagen and is important for normally functioning skin, bones, cartilage and normal energy metabolism
is not heat resistant - when used in hot drinks, vitamin C loses up to 30% of its effect.


  • In 3 of our varieties - for example, Collagen Beauty Remedy - we use pure berry powder. The production of our berry powder is subject to meticulous quality control and carried out by our supplier in accordance with the certified Food Safety Management System FSSC 22000. The supplier also complies with ISO 26000 guidelines on social responsibility and, in general, works on the basis of respect for nature and humanity. Berries and plants, which for the most part grow wild in Nordic forests, 
  • 100% pure berry powder from berries we know from the Nordic region
  • 100g powder corresponds to roughly 400-770g of fresh berries, depending on the type of berries we use

KALE (Brassica oleracea acephala) 

  • The kale Vild Nord uses is the fabulously nutritious Danish curly kale, which is organically produced.
  • 100% pure, organic and freeze-dried kale powder
  • Produced in Denmark/Germany
  • The produce is kosher-certified


Like everyone else, our desire is to leave as small a footprint on our Earth as possible. Accordingly, we constantly work to improve our products, production, packaging and general presence in the world as a brand and company.

In terms of sustainability, at Vild Nord we refer to three principal issues: source, supply chain and packaging.

The source of a product is key, when it comes to its sustainability. That is why it is important to know whether the collagen comes from fish farming, MSC/ASC certified fishing or from conventional, grass-fed or organic cattle farming.

Recent years have seen a strong focus on the environmental and social sustainability of supply chains. This is due in large part to globalisation. Western countries' products are occasionally produced under conditions that are unacceptable in their own countries. Accordingly, the requirements for transparency and control of the global supply chains have increased. Companies with valuable brands are particularly aware of the risk of being seen to be guilty of lack of consideration for the environment and the employers of their suppliers in low-wage countries. 

Fish and shellfish constitute the livelihood of coastal communities throughout the world, but in many places they have reached the limit for sustainable fishing of fish stocks. That is why we use marine collagen from an MSC-certified supplier, thereby guaranteeing that the product comes from the sustainable fishing of cod in the North Atlantic. The collagen is extracted from the fish's skin – the rest of the fish is used for fillets. 

Shipping and fragmented production often amount to a highly resource-intensive part of a product.
That is why we consider it important to keep the entire supply chain as 'local' as possible. That is also the reason why we chose a Norwegian supplier for our collagen. Hydrolysed in Norway, the collagen is then shipped to Denmark, where we mix the powder with our other ingredients.

Packaging food properly and sustainably is no easy task. A properly packaged food requires materials that neither affect nor are affected by the food. At the same time, they must provide maximum protection against humidity and light from outside, so that the food has an acceptable shelf life. In the case of our product, that is 2 years, unopened.  Durability is also essential, because the resources used in the manufacture of the food often exceed those used in the manufacture of the packaging. 
Our product bottles are made of virgin HDPE (High density polyethylene) and can be recycled into new products if you sort your waste. Recycled HDPE is not approved for food, but we are aiming at getting BIO-based packaging for our products.
Our product bags are made of Matt BOPP/ALU/LDPE, which is perfect for food. We plan to phase out these bags in 2021.
Our labels are made of transfer vacuum silver metallised paper with a glossy surface. Facestock is made of FSC®-certified paper.
Our webshop shipping boxes are either made of FSC-certified recyclable cardboard* or recycled cardboard. Our larger shipping boxes are provided with an adhesive strip in case you wish to return an item to Vild Nord® or simply want to recycle the box.
* The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international, non-governmental organisation that works to promote the environmentally, socially and economically sustainable use of the world's forests. The FSC develops standards based on recognised principles of responsible forestry, supported by environmental, social and economic stakeholders. By opting for FSC-labelled products, you are helping to take care of the world's forests and the people and animals that live in them. If you would like to learn more, visit

We are constantly working to develop and improve our range and various blends. We are passionate about scouring the market for new or forgotten ingredients with superfood qualities.