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The Seagarden branded products has merged with the Danish company Vild Nord and it's actually a good news for you too.

' Cause that means we're going to bet event more of all the goodness.

SEAGARDEN products are now available at VILD NORD

What does this mean for you

· You get exactly the same high quality collagen from Seagarden® at Karmøy.

· You get a nice offer with a 15% discount on subscriptions, free shipping, as well as a welcome gift

* You can still subscribe – with the same flexibility as with Seagarden.

* You still get the bestsellers from Seagarden; the neutral tasting, lemon-flavored and capsules, but in a new design.

· You will also have the opportunity to try many exciting new flavors with active and well known ingredients from the Nordic nature such as blueberries, hype, red currants, black currants, kale and seaweed.

Activ Seagarden subscriber?

What you need to do

· Draw a new subscription - so you maintain your good collagen routine.

· Use Discount code: Sg15 to activate the offer.

· NB! Your Seagarden subscription will be automatically terminated after the last scheduled shipment in October.

Vild Nord subscription is flexible

Subscription information

No purchase obligations or binding period, Free Shipping, 14 days full right of withdrawal.

The most cost effective way for you to buy collagen is to make a subscription.
You get free shipping and 15% discount on every shipment.

Through Vild Nord continuing the deep respect for nature and what it gives us, we continue our fascination with the body and its needs and changes throughout life.

Find your favorite among our 11 delicious flavors, each of which supports your beauty and makes you the best version of yourself, no matter where you are in life. Maybe you want to give your skin an effective kick, maybe you also want proteins for the muscles, dietary fiber for the stomach or extra green for the energy metabolism?

Which product should I use?

Then we recommend
- Pure Marine Collagen

Then we recommend
- Lemon Marine Collagen

Sorry, but we don't have sticks as of now, but feel free to try:

Collagen C+ capsules

Collagen C+ powder

Then we recommend
- Collagen C+ Capsules

Sorry, but fish supplements both in capsule and powder are discontinued

- Collagen Gold 

Question & answer

The collagen is still Norwegian. Only sustainable wild caught cod from

the North Atlantic from the same factory at Karmøy is used.

Yes, it does. In some of the varieties we have added carefully selected ingredients from the Nordic nature such as forest blueberries, cloudberries and sea buckthorn. These berries are dried and crushed into powder. The berry powder does not completely dissolve in water, so there will be small pieces of berries in the liquid which it is mixed. It gives an inviting color and the knowledge that you are also ingesting nutritious berries.

Do you have any more questions?

Do you have any other questions about Vild Nord products, subscriptions or other things we have made an overview of "Frequently asked questions"
or you can contact us at info@vildnord.com