A strawberry dream you can't help return to.

Nicecream (love the name!) is a healthier alternative to soft ice cream, as the main ingredient is frozen bananas being blended. It is the most beautiful ice cream, and totally without added sugar and cream.

That's why you can eat nicecream, as dessert, as a snack during the day, as well as a breakfast. Only your imagination sets limits. Our flavored collagen variants are a perfect match in nicecream.


(recipe for 2 people)

3 pcs. frozen bananas

225 g frozen strawberries

1 cup almond milk

6 ice cubes made on almond milk (5x5cm)

1 tsp vanilla powder

2-3 scoops Collagen Red Berries


A nicecream must be hot and thick in the texture. Our best tip is, therefore, to pour almond milk into an ice-cube tray with six rooms that's 5x5 centimeters. Put them in cold and let them freeze for at least five hours.

Now you've taken care of the texture. Take the almond milk ice cubes out while you're getting ready. Find a good blender with a "blender tamper".
Pour frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, almond milk, and Collagen Red Berries in. Start the blender and use the blender tamper, as a helping hand to crush.

The ice cubes made on almond milk a little after a little, so blender can crush them. VOíLA - Then you have the hottest nicecream.