Listen to your stomach

NEW: Brand new series that we call Vild Nord Probiotics

There are no two stomachs that are the same. There are round stomachs and flat stomachs. Soft stomachs and trained stomachs. Pale stomachs and brown stomachs. Common to our stomachs is that they are often tucked away under our clothes and we rarely talk about them. Unless we are pregnant and have a stomach on. We would like to change that as it is important to have a good stomach (feeling). It is said that the gut is our sixth sense, so maybe we should start listening a little more to our stomachs.

Your stomachs best friends

What is probiotics?

Probiotics are Greek and mean 'for life' and often called lactic acid bacteria.

Your gut houses a lot of small bacteria that affect everything from hormones, your mood to your immune system. Sometimes the bacteria work for you and other times against you.

The lactic acid bacteria in your gut flora are the bacteria that are your friends and those who work with you. They are different species of bacteria that naturally occur in our gut flora, where they protect against harmful bacteria. They help us maintain our digestion and utilize the nutrients we get through our diet.

Danish and innovative

Dissolve directly on the tongue with a nice taste

Our probiotics come in tasty melted-Servings.

The stick is opened and the contents are poured directly on the tongue. There is no need for fluid. The powder dissolves directly on the tongue with a delicious taste that feels nice and does not leave any aftertaste. So simple and delicious that it is difficult to forget about your daily probiotics. Someone will say that it tastes of candy.

Vild Nord Probiotics has been developed in collaboration with Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes A/S, which also produces the products for Vild Nord. There are only a handful of companies in the world that can do the same as Deerland in Hundested, namely produce live bacteria in powder form. Bacteria that stay alive until they reach the place in the body where they should work.

Daily Flora Probiotics

Our recommendation to you

Each Daily Flora Stick contains 10 billion live lactic acid bacteria from the well -documented bacterial strains: BB536 and BIFOLAC ™ 12.

Each stick also contains two different types of indigestible fibers that give the lactic acid bacteria so you get the most out of your probiotics-Grants.

The powder dissolves directly on the tongue with a delicious blueberry flavor that feels nice and leaves no aftertaste. So simple and delicious that it is difficult to forget about your daily probiotics.

Beautiful with good digestion

Your stomach will love you for eating more of

· Berries, root vegetables and vegetables

· Fermented food

· Almonds nuts and avocado

· Soured milk products and lean cheese

· Fish and poultry

· Whole grain bread

Digestion in natural balance

Collagen Yellow Blast

With COLLAGEN YELLOW BLAST Can you support your natural beauty with collagen and give digestion the best and most natural conditions with the beautiful dietary fiber you find in the berry mixture.

Do you focus on your digestion we recommend COLLAGEN YELLOW BLAST, like your preferred source of collagen and wild north probiotics, as your simple path to natural lactic acid bacteria.