Collagen powder or capsules

Collagen pulver eller kapsler - Vild Nord

Supplements with collagen comes in many shapes and sizes - for example as powder or capsules. The question is, what to choose?

When you are wondering what choose, consider the following:

  • What is the easiest for you to take?
  • How much collagen do you need?
  • Do you want something in addition to collagen?

Pros and cons - capsules
Capsules are not so demanding. You simply swallow them down with a glass of water. It can easily be a part of your daily routine together with your other vitamins. On the other hand, it is not always so easy to get enough collagen with capsules. Even if you take several of them, it is not enough to reach the recommended daily dose. SO, if you choose to use capsules you need to go for a good quality supplement and take them every day.

Pros and cons - collagen powder

If you use collagen powder you don´t have to worry about not getting a sufficient amount as the powder is so easy to add to you food or drink intake. With collagen powder you should choose one with no additives. Collagen powder is just a fine powder and does not need additives, fillers or binders. You can avoid unnecessary ingredients. 

What you can do with powder is choose added ingredients that, together with the collagen, can support your varied and healthy diet. Examples being natural vitamins and minerals.

Vild Nord capsules

Collagen C+ Capsules are a good alternative if you want our high quality marine collagen, but struggle a bit with the thought of it coming from fish.

Collagen C+ Capsules is our take on the effective collagen capsule. We suggest 4 capsules daily, which gives you 900 mg collagen. The quality we have chosen to use is 2kDa marine collagen, meaning the very low molecular weight of 2000 dalton to secure the quality and absorption.  The capsules also contains vitamin C that is necessary for the collagen formation, which is important for normal skin. You will find our brand new capsules here:  Collagen C+ Capsules

Vild Nord powder
Our collagen powder is a good choice if you are ready for a bit of and adventure and love to experiment with different recipes in the kitchen or if you simply want an easy way of taking you daily marine collagen supplement. You will find our powder version here  Collagen C+, and it is based of marine collagen and vitamin C.

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