“Our dream is to develop Nordic Inner Beauty-products so you can be the best version of yourself all your life. ”Loa Gitz, COO

surrounded by the best


In our raw Nordic nature there are some of the world's finest ingredients. Why not reach out and pick them where we can?



Vild Nord is born out of the Nordic nature. The wild sea, the deep forests and the flourishing meadows give us some of the world's best ingredients. With confidence and love, we have hand picked our local suppliers, which guarantee the highest quality and the same mindset as ours: namely that nature should be absorbed in the body as clean as possible. The quality of the raw materials is crucial because it affects how they work on our body.

True to nature


Vild Nord stems from a deep confidence that through natural foods we can feel better and look more beautiful wherever we are in life. We pay tribute to the pure beauty and know that it starts from the inside. That's why we use some of the world's finest and cleanest ingredients - namely those you know from Nordic nature. It is here that we find the beauty, the strength, the raw power and the infinite energy.

We have combined collagen from the wild -caught North Atlantic cod with the clean, life -giving ingredients of the Nordic countries. Collagen can do something in composition with other active ingredients, and we have made it easy for you to find the perfect combination that supports your particular beauty. We never finish exploring the Nordic nature and are always in search of new or forgotten ingredients that can make you beautiful throughout your life.

With our products you get a daily beauty-Ritual that is easy and enjoyable - whether your beauty ideal is a beautiful exterior, a bubbly health or a strong body.



By keeping the supply chain as local as possible, we take good care of our shared nature. The collagen is hydrolyzed in Norway and sent to Denmark, where we mix the powder with our other ingredients, which we primarily get from close European suppliers: The organic kale is grown in Denmark and Germany, the bulge tongue is harvested sustainably in the clearest water off the northwest coast of Scotland, and they Rene berry blends come from a Finnish supplier who hand picks many of the berries outdoors.