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Bedste inner-beauty kosttilskud 2023

Prisvindende Collagen

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Vild Nord Hydro lab


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Vild nord Exo lab

Unik beauty formula

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Hold maven i balance

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Fascinated by nature

Dive into the best from the North

We have created a world of the finest, pure collagen powder extracted from the skin of wild-caught cod, that has lived freely in the crystal clear waters of the North Atlantic. Our unique range combines the best raw materials from the Nordic nature with effective vitamins and minerals. We let the Nordic nature spoil you with all the wonders it has to offer.

Your opinion means everything

What our customers tell us

Isabella, 30

"After starting with collagen powder, I can clearly see and feel a difference in my skin. The fine lines on the forehead and around the eyes are significantly smaller. The structure of my skin has become softer both on the face and on the body.”

Agota, 28

"I have been using Vild Nord products for more than 2 years. It helped me revitalize my hair and nails. My manicure specialist said she had never seen stronger nails than mine."

Rikke, 32

"VILD NORD has had a tremendous impact on my skin, especially on the lines on my forehead. I'm so glad I took a before-and-after picture because I can really see the difference here."

Kathrine, 46

p>"A beautiful skin is the most obvious result I've obtained from marine collagen from Vild Nord, but the most important thing is that my body feels satisfied. I've tried several varieties and can recommend them all."

Marina Friis

"I'm still a big fan of the products I've been using for several years now, AND I can genuinely see a difference. No, it's not 100% taste-neutral, but I mix it in orange juice, smoothies, or my overnight oats, and I can't taste it at all. I'm also a big fan of the company behind it, which is super quick with shipping and has great communication when I've talked to them. I can only recommend Vild Nord!"


Vild Nord produces amazing products that work. So nice that they are made from healthy and natural Nordic ingredients.
Also big thanks to Cecilie from customer service, who has been super nice to take the time to answer my questions in detail.

Emmi Celine

"Vild Nord produces fantastic products that work. It's so nice that they are made from healthy and natural Nordic ingredients. Also, a big shout-out to Cecilie from customer service, who has been super sweet in taking the time to provide detailed answers to my questions."

Clinically tested collagen

34% increased skin moisture

Dermatological documentation based on an eight-week clinical dermatological application test with measurement of skin hydration after collagen intake, showed an increases the skin's natural moisture level by up to 38% after 8 weeks.

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Industry Reviews

The experts about Vild Nord

Vild Nord is the obvious choice for my clinic, because it is the premium product my clients demand: Type I hydrolysed collagen from wild-caught cod, free of heavy metals, high bioavailability and with optimal molecular size for absorption in the body. Simply the best collagen in the world!

Marie-Thérèse BOTTAU, owner of Esthecoach Beauty Center - Monaco

"Vild Nord's collagen is an integral part of all the treatments I perform as part of my job. As a therapist and skincare and cosmetics expert, Vild Nord collagen is a must to optimize the results at home."

Sophie Allanic, Skin and Body Therapist

“As a micro -nutritional expert working with athletes and the elderly, the quality of the protein is crucial. Vild Nord is my absolute preferred choice in collagen because of the quality, efficiency and transparency of the brand. "

Gauthier Thiry, Dietitian specializing in functional nutrition.

In our anti-aging clinic where our passion is your beauty, and our quality is your safety, it's only natural to offer you Vild Nord's EXO Lab series as a complement to your beauty journey.

Gitte Daubjerg, Clinic Owner and Cosmetic Nurse

The wild Nordic berries

vitamins & antioxidants

The beautiful Nordic nature is where we find all our inspiration. We have carefully selected the famous wild blueberries, which are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and mixed them into our products. Nordic berries are known for their exquisite taste, seductive fragrance and high quality, which makes them the perfect match with our marine collagen. Discover what Nordic berries in interaction with marine collagen can do for you and your natural beauty with Vild Nord.


Get inspired



We love recipes that are practical, healthy and easy to make in everyday life. And it doesn't hurt with ingredients like citrus, ginger and turmeric.

Gulerodskage baked oats - Vild Nord


Baked oatmeal is our favorite with collagen. It's so easy to make and there are so many options. Here we have been inspired by juicy carrot cake with creamy glaze. 



If you have some time to spend in the kitchen and would like to treat yourself to a with a delicious snack when the sweet tooth stickes, then this cake is a fantastic combination of dark chocolate...

“We have created Vild Nord with a dream to combine the Nordics' best raw materials in unique inner beauty products. Inner beauty that fits into a busy daily life, where the desire to do something good for oneself with care is made simple, regardless of where you are in life."

Loa Gitz | Co -Founder & COO

Award-winning collagen

Collagen Gold

We are incredibly proud of that Collagen Gold In 2023 the award received AMWC Aesthetic Medicine Award in the category “Inner-Beauty Supplements ”. The award recognizes companies that strive for innovation and excellent achievement in aesthetics.

Experience it AMWC-Award -winning Collagen Gold. Added micro -enclosed seaweed, which is a natural source of iodine, as well as vitamin C in the form of acerola powder. Three unique ingredients in one nice Vild Nord Collagen powder.

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Beautiful skin • Throughout life • All natural


"HYDRO LAB is for those who want to enhance their beauty using the pure power of nature. It's a series of collagen products with natural and high-quality active ingredients. The unique ingredients, sourced from the Nordic nature, naturally boost your inner and outer beauty throughout your life."




If you're in need of a premium collagen product for your busy lifestyle, then Vild Nord EXO LAB is the perfect choice. Become the best version of yourself throughout your life with EXO, which consists of a perfect balance of collagen, vitamins, and minerals that nurture your body from the inside out.




Vild Nord Probiotics are carefully composed lactic acid bacterial strains with selected active ingredients. There is one variant for different stages in your life. No stomachs are the same, but common to our stomachs is that they are often hidden away under our clothes and we rarely talk about them. Listen to your gut feeling and choose it Vild Nord Probiotics that fit just you and where you are in your life right now.


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Blog posts

Vores collagen er nu MSC-certificeret - Vild Nord

Our collagen is now MSC-certified

Det hydrolyserede marine collagenpulver vi bruger i vores produkter, er vores løfte til dig om, at du trygt kan vælge Vild Nord og samtidig støtte et bæredygtigt fiskeri.

Vild Nord - bedre end nogensinde før - Vild Nord

Vild Nord - Better than ever

Welcome to the new and improved versions of our renowned Hydro collagen products. We have further developed our products to continue to offer you the best collagen possible

Probiotisk mad - Vild Nord

Probiotic diet

Make probiotics part of your diet – it's easier than you think. Get great knowledge about lactic acid bacteria in the food you eat, here.

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