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Vild Nord Univers

Do you remember the good habits in everyday life? Good habits are beneficial for your beauty, while also strengthening your health.

Keep your skin's natural glow as long as possible with GLOW, with Nordic well known ingredients, and spoil your skin every day - all year round.

the Collagen Gold has won AMWC Award, but what does that mean for you? We make you much wiser here.

Menopause is a special transition in life as for a woman. Read more and learn how Vild Nord can support you on your journey.

Moisture-binding hyaluronic acid can be found in our premium CARE Holistic Therapy Collagen powder. Learn more about the great beauty-hack of our time, hyaluronic acid, here.

Do you love blueberries? Collagen Beauty Remedy Contains blueberries, which is a great source of vitamin C. Read more about the little delicious berries here.

I believe that the most rebellious thing we can do in our society, which places so much emphasis on appearance, is to love ourselves exactly as we are.

Take care of your skin - it deserves it. Your skin is an important part of the immune system and therefore it is a good idea to take good care of it, all your life.

Mushrooms is a natural source of vitamin D that you find in Collagen Immune Remedy. Get an interesting insight on the unique source of the sunshine vitamin, Earthlight®, here.

Vi er stolte af at kunne præsentere Mette Helena som Vild Nord ambassadør. Vi har taget en snak med hende om, hvad det vil sige at træde ind i 40’erne, og hvilke nye vaner og syn der følger med. For hvordan følger skønheden med alderen?

Do you exercise and are you eating healthy? If not, here are good reasons to start today. Although you may already have an active lifestyle, you can safely read on.

We cherish our nature and life in it. That's why we upcycles the cod's fish skin to the wonderful collagen powder you know from Vild Nord.

Experience the effect of Food State with our HYDRO collagen powder. Learn more about Food State with Vild Nord here.

Collagen Gold, a lovely bestseller, filled with collagen, vitamin C and iodine. Read more about our popular collagen variant from the HYDRO series here.

Discover the beautiful Nordic ingredients in Vild Nord collagen products. We believe that what we eat has an impact on your health and your well-being.

Help us recycle our plastic jars - a small but significant step towards a greener world.

Three of our collagen variants will now get a silica bag. Silica, in interaction with activated charcoal, provides an improved taste experience. Learn more here.

Become wiser about how a holistic approach to beauty treatments can create the best results for your beauty and well-being....

Amino acids are molecules that combine to form proteins. These are some of the largest components of the body after...

Maternal care lies in our nature. From a new life is planned and until the baby comes into the world,...

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