Gold iced coffee

Delicious iced coffee with c-Vitamin and almond milk

Ohhh, iced coffee!
The golden moment you always have time for - whether it should cool you down on a hot summer day or whether you want to enjoy yourself a little about yourself at all sorts of other times. Iced coffee is always worth gold. With our iced coffee you even get collagen, c-Vitamin from acerolabar and seaweed with above - don't worry, it can't be tasted!

You need it

1- 2 espresso-Shots

1-2 measuring spoons COLLAGEN GOLD

Ice cubes (if you have an ice crusher then use it!)

Almond milk


Pour espresso-Shots in a glass, sprinkle with collagen and stir well. Get crushed ice cubes in and add almond milk. How can something so delicious be something so easy?