IMMUNE Lemonade

Golden your daily fluid intake.

The body loves you every time you drink a glass of water. And that love only gets bigger with this immune lemonade where you gild the glass with all the good from COLLAGEN IMMUNE REMEDY, ice cubes and slices of lemon and lime. The love drink has light taste of blackcurrant and is rich in d-Vitamin from mushrooms.

You need it

2 scoop immune remedy
250 ml of water
2 tsp. Sukrin or sugar
Lemon slices
Lime slices
Crushed ice cubes


Fill a glass half up with crushed ice cubes. Distribute lemon- And lime writer in the glass. 2 measuring collagen immune remedy is poured into a shaker along with sugar or sukrin if you want to keep the drink caloric. Include about 200 ml of cold water over and shake the mixing indoor well. Pour your lemonade over the ice cubes and enjoy it as an alternative to soft drinks.