Collagen Immune Plus

Pink Collagen Crêpes

Whether we have them plain, with honey and lemon, with sugar, or even with chocolate, it's something the whole family loves. But what would you say to trying amazing pink crêpes that not only have a fantastic blackcurrant flavor, but also provide you with a daily dose of collagen and vitamins thanks to COLLAGEN IMMUNE PLUS? Here, you get the combination of beauty from within, health, and a delicacy.

This is what you need

(Recipe for 6 people)

250 g all-purpose flour
250 g Kamut flour (also known as Khorasan wheat)
1.5 liters of milk or almond milk (you can also add a little water to make the crêpes lighter)
5 eggs
A pinch of salt
1 cl extra virgin olive oil


First, add both types of flour to a blender, followed by 5 eggs, a pinch of salt, olive oil, and start blending. Gradually add milk until all the ingredients are mixed. Once you have achieved a good consistency for the batter, neither too liquid nor too solid, you can add COLLAGEN IMMUNE PLUS.
You can also mix it using just a baking bowl and a whisk.

The batter will now look fine and pink. Let the batter rest in the refrigerator, covered, for a few hours. Then, the batter is ready to be poured onto the griddle to make thin and delicate pancakes, and after that, you can add the exact topping you desire. How about some delicious blackberries, for example? It's entirely up to you!