The taste of the Nordic Ocean

Smagen af det nordiske hav - Vild Nord

Collagen - part of nature

You may have noticed that the Nordic Ocean can sometimes be tasted when you spoil yourself with your Vild Nord Collagen supplements. This applies to our three variants without added flavour - as Food State is they are part of nature without added flavour and sweeteners.

Food State means that the nutrients are in food form and are therefore recognized by the body, which ensures better absorption.

Although no flavor is added, it does not mean that the ingredients cannot be tasted. This is where nature comes into the picture - the wild-caught North Atlantic cod as well as the wild-harvested seaweed are natural ingredients that can vary in taste. So when you mix Vild Nord Collagen powder in water, you will be able to sense the Nordic Ocean. The taste is masked if you mix the powder in other liquids, e.g. coffee, juice and Shakes.
We always try to develop and improve our products, which is why we have now chosen to add a little silica bags to three of our products:

  • Collagen Gold
    Our beauty bestseller which, in addition to collagen, also contains wild harvested seaweed and acerola berries.

  • Collagen C+
    Do you want collagen and extra support for your body's natural collagen formation?

  • Collagen Clean Protein
    A protein-rich collagen supplement - perfect for you who lead an active lifestyle.

Silica bag in Collagen Gold, Collagen Clean Protein and collagen c+

A milder taste with silica

When we choose to add a small silica bag to three products, it is to make sure that the North Atlantic collagen has as little flavour as possible - of course without compromising our good quality. The bag contains a mixture of silica and activated charcoal and has many advantages.

In addition to reducing the natural taste of North Atlantic collagen, the silica bag also has other benefits that benefit you. The silicaposen can:

  • Improve the taste experience of Collagen Gold, Collagen C+ and Collagen Clean Protein
  • Absorb moisture and thus improve the shelf life of the product
  • Reduce the scent and taste of the ocean
  • Act as an anti-caking agent

Silica for an improved taste experience

But why use Silica and what is it?

Silica is a natural substance that you probably already know - perhaps under one of the other names like silicum, silicon and quartz. The Earth's crust consists of 27% silica and is used in many products. This applies to everything from skin care products to supplements, but also as moisture-absorbing bags, as in our collagen products.

The silica bag we use is safe to use, food approved and after use it can be sorted as regular waste. The bag is made of LDPE, also used to coat the inside of milk cartons. It is dustproof and with a barrier that ensures that the contents of the bag do not come into contact with or is mixed with the collagen powder.

It's not just the natural silica we use in the bag. Active coal is also an important component especially when reducing smell and taste. The special thing about activated charcoal is that it has millions of small micropores, or holes that absorb different substances quickly and effectively.
Active coal is also Food State, appearing in the same form as in nature and therefore it is food approved, on par with silica.

3 good tips

An improved experience

Enjoy yours Vild Nord collagen the way that you've always done. You can leave the silica bag in the box until empty, or remove it immediately when you open your product.
Whichever of the three products is your favorite, we are sure you will like our use of silica. The experience for your body will be the same but your taste- and sense of smell will have a new and improved experience every time you use Vild Nord collagen.

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