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Do you know Vild Nord Collagen Gold? If not, then this blog post is for you. If you already know our bestseller Collagen Gold - You might learn something new.

The skin, the body's largest organ, is exposed to all sorts of challenges each day. External influences such as weather and pollution, internal influences such as stress and diet, and last but not least, our age, leaving its traces in the skin.

Collagen Gold - for you

From the age of 25, the body's natural collagen level decreases with approximatly one percent every single year -  for the the rest of your life. It results in a skin that is less elastic and firm, and where wrinkles and lines emerge. It is a natural part of life and something that we unfortunately cannot avoid.

In order for your skin to remain beautiful, you can make sure you focus on it as much as possible. The days pass by so quickly, so the skin is not always getting the love it actually needs.

At Vild Nord we would like to change that. That's why we've developed Vild Nord Collagen Gold.

Collagen Gold

What can Collagen Gold do for your skin?

Collagen Gold is a unique beauty blend that, in addition to marine collagen, also contains wild-harvested seaweed and acerola berry powder. The seaweed is the source of iodine, while powdered acerola berry is the source of vitamin C.

  • Collagen in itself, helps to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Iodine helps maintain normal skin, a normal energy metabolism and a normal thyroid function.
  • Vitamin C. Supports the body's natural formation of collagen, which is important for normal functioning skin.

Use Collagen Gold as the path to your daily dose of collagen and use it as a supplement to your already applicable skin care routine.

Collagen Gold powder

3 ingredients, one product

Vild Nord Collagen Gold is part of our HYDRO-series. The HYDRO-series consists of products with ingredients that are all known in the Nordic countries. The Nordic ingredients are minimally processed and are therefore Food State.

Food State is a term used for nutrients that are in food, ie as close to the natural form as possible - a form that the body already knows, and thus has an easier time absorbing. (Food State)

Collagen Gold contains three beautiful ingredients that together provide the perfect support for your skin:

Marine Collagen
  • Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen
    Off the coast of Northern Norway, the beautiful North Atlantic cod is caught. Of course, fishing takes place in a sustainable way, so we take good care of both the cod stock and the sea environment. When the cod is filleted, we upcycles the fish skin to the collagen powder you know.

    The uniqueness of collagen powder from Vild Nord is that it has a complete amino acid profile. Amino acids are the molecules of which protein is built up, which is why the protein collagen also applies.
Bulet tongs
  • Wildly harvested seaweed
    From the cold and clear seas off the western coast of Scotland, the seaweed we use in Collagen Gold grows. Here the seaweed is harvested by carefully cutting the top of the plants, leaving the roots, so that they can continue to grow.

    Because the water in this area is so clean, the seaweed has an ecological status. Every batch of the freshly harvested seaweed is tested so that quality and nutritional content is determined. Before the seaweed is used in our Collagen Gold, it is micro-wrap to tone down the flavour.
Acerola berry
  • Acerolabar - a pendant to Nordic cherry
    The small orange acerola berry is a source of vitamin C. They are somewhat similar of our own cherries, but instead grow in the more tropical regions of the western hemisphere.

Collagen Gold drink

How do you get your collagen?

Collagen Gold can be enjoyed in different ways. You can mix the collagen powder in a glass of cold water, or in a fresh and saturating morning smoothie. It may not be every day when time allows you to make your favorite smoothie, so here you can take your collagen with a glass of water or juice. If you take it with water, you can feel the taste of the sea. If you do not like this, it is better to mix the collagen powder in another liquid with flavor.

While it may be tempting to mix your Collagen Gold in a cup of coffee or tea, you should avoid this. Vitamin C found in Collagen Gold does not tolerate heat. When heated, the effect of vitamin C is significantly reduced. If the vitamin is less important to you, however, you still get full pleasure from both collagen and seaweed if you put the Collagen Gold powder in a cup of coffee.

To make everyday life a little easier, we have made exciting and tasteful recipes with collagen so you can quickly get inspiration on how to take your collagen. For example:

Gold iced coffee
  • Gold iced coffee
    A delicious iced coffee with almond milk - perfect when you need some self-indulgence during the day.

Gold collagen water
  • Collagen water with cinnamon
    Do you remember to drink enough water? Water is an important part of a hydrated skin, and with this recipe you can enjoy the taste of cinnamon and ginger while getting your daily collagen.

Banana- and vanilla
  • Banana- and vanilla shake
    A saturating shake with flavor of banana and vanilla. The recipe mentions ours Collagen Clean Protein, but you can easily use your Collagen Gold. 

Amwc-the price

Collagen Gold - AMWC

We are incredibly proud that Collagen Gold received the AMWC 2023 Aesthetic Medicine Award in the category “Anti-Aging Supplements ”. The award recognizes companies that strive for innovation and excellent achievement in aesthetics.

At Vild Nord, we greatly appreciate that our bestseller, Collagen Gold, was nominated and won this prestigious award. It is a reliable sign that Collagen Gold is an efficient and delicious product, as well as a high quality product. A product that is perfect for you who want an effective inner beauty-product.

"We wanted to develop a simple but effective formula, based on the life-giving Nordic nature known for its powerful nutrients." - Loa Gitz, Co-Founder

Loa Gitz

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