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Food State - a natural road

Have you heard of Food State? Food State is a special approach to the food (and the supplements) we eat. In short, it is about the nutrients remaining as close to their natural form as possible.

Collagen powder and capsules

The difference between Food State and common (synthetic) supplements is that ordinary supplements often contain isolated nutrients, a form that is not found naturally in foods. Food State is processed minimally, so that the nutrients are preserved in their most bioavailable form. It also means the natural combinations and synergies between the nutrients are preserved. Although our marine collagen is processed a lot, we end up with nutrients (collagen) in pure form.
The great advantage of the Food State is that the body already knows about the form that the nutrient comes in. It can ensure a better recording that benefits you and your body.

Collagen Smoothie

Food State is not just about supplements that are as close to the natural form as possible. It is also about the importance of eating a healthy and varied diet based on whole foods. Choose foods that are fresh, of high quality and preferably organic. Preferably avoid refined and processed food.
Sources of nutrients

Why choose Food State?

There are many good reasons to choose Food State, and maybe you have your very own reason for choosing Food State over other products. Eating a healthy and varied diet is in great focus of most of us. Unfortunately, a pressured and hectic everyday life can result in less good foods finding their way to the shopping cart and on to the kitchen.
We know, more than before, that the healthy diet plays a major role in our overall health, but also appearance. Our beauty, inner as well as outer are affected by what we give our body. In order for the body's complex system to function optimally, it needs a wealth of nutrients daily. Vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins are just part of what we get through the food we eat.

Your body in focus

The skin is just one of the organs that need good nutrients, both to stay healthy and normal, but also to stay beautiful and beautiful. Age leaves its traces in the skin, we cannot avoid that, but we can do ours to keep it resilient and nice for as long as possible.
But how do you best care for and maintain the skin? As we have mentioned several times, a healthy and varied diet is alpha and omega, and this is exactly where Food State comes into the picture.

Food State for your skin
Benefits of choosing Food State:
  • Bioavailable nutrients
    The body is used to absorb vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the food we eat. That is, the body more easily recognizes the nutrients that are food state.

    Proteins and amino acids from fish skin, wild berries as a source of vitamins and seaweed as a source of the mineral iodine, are all in the food state form when choosing one of our hydro-Variants. 

  • Synergistic effects
    The Food State preserves the synergies that the nutrients have with them from nature and found in foods.

    Vild Nord Hydro-The collagen contains proteins, a complete amino acid profile, natural fats and carbohydrates, and may have added another food state nutrient, e.g. acerola which is a good source of c-vitamin. 

    Supplement with collagen

  • Less machining
    In order for the dietary supplement, or the food for that matter, can be called Food State, it requires minimal machining or preserving so many of the natural nutrients.

    Hydro-Collagen from Vild Nord Processed as little as possible, while the contents of e.g. acerola or blueberries, contributing to a mild and fresh taste of berries, while being the source of Food State vitamins - Completely natural. When we are not adding strong flavors you will be able to sense the taste of the sea, when you enjoy your collagen powder from Vild Nord. 

  • A holistic approach
    Eating Food State supports a holistic approach to nutrition but what does it mean? Food State Foods contains only the nutrients they have received by nature. It adds up to the idea of ​​eating varied and healthy, to get its daily needs covered.

    Supplement your diet with Hydro-Collagen and support your body's daily need for good nutrients. This applies e.g. The collagen itself, which contributes to the firmness and elasticity of the skin. 

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Experience Food State with Vild Nord

With Vild Nord Do you enjoy the Food State every time you use our Hydro-Collagen powder. Our Hydro-Variants you will find here, where you can read much more about each of them.
Would you like to learn Collagen Immune Remedy Better to know? Read on below and get knowledge of what Hydro-The variant can do for you - and your skin.

Collagen Immune Remedy


Collagen Immune Remedy

The skin, the body's largest organ, and the immune system, our protection against diseases, require, like everything else in and on the body, the right nutrients to function normally. With Vild Nord Collagen Immune Remedy you get collagen, vitamin C, vitamin D and echinacea in one and the same product and all in the Food State form. Collagen and vitamin C also have a fantastic synergy.

  • Collagen decreases the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Echinacea (Red Solhat) supports the immune system
  • Vitamin C.- and d contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • Vitamin C. contributes to reducing fatigue and fatigue, as well as to a normal formation of collagen that is important for normal functioning skin and bones. 
  • Vitamin D. also contributes to maintain normal bones

Echinacea is a perennial that gets beautiful purple flowers. The plate originally originated from America, where the natives used the plant in herbal medicine. Later it came to our part of the world, and today it is still used because of its characteristics. We use the entire upper part of the plant, which is dried and pulverized, thus preserving the nutrients of the echinac apt.
Vitamin C is added in the form of beautiful powdered acerola berries. After harvest, the berries are dried, after which they are pulverized to the finest powder. The acerola powder preserves the bearers' good source of vitamin C, of ​​course in Food State form.
D.-The vitamin is in the form of Earthlight powder, which is extracted from organic mushrooms. Earthlight is a very unique source of vegan vitamin D, and then it is the only one of its kind approved here in Europe.
Come closer to a Clean Eating Lifestyle, with Hydro Collagen from Vild Nord.

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