MOM TO BE Probiotics

30 sticks | 30 serverings

Mom To Be lactic acid bacteria combined with folic acid is for you who want a simple supplement in connection with pregnancy. Mom To Be Probiotics is easy to take with the delicious taste of raspberry.

  • 12 billion live lactic acid bacteria per stick
  • 400 micrograms folic acid
  • Good taste in powder form, which can be taken despite nausea and discomfort
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MOM TO BE Probiotics

The stick is opened and the contents are poured directly into the mouth. There is no need for liquid. The powder dissolves directly on the tongue with a fine raspberry flavor that feels nice and leaves no aftertaste. So simple and delicious that it's hard to forget about its daily probiotics.
Recommended daily serving: 1 stick
One pack contains 30 sticks - one for each day for a month.

Natural lactic acid bacteria,

Pre- & Probiotics

Probiotics is Greek and means 'for life'. Probiotics, or lactic acid bacteria as they are also called in Danish, are different species of bacteria that naturally occur in our intestinal flora. While Probiotics are live bacteria, prebiotics are not bacteria, but plant fibers that the lactic acid bacteria feed on. This can be another good reason to eat a varied diet with plenty of dietary fibre. In MOM TO BE Probiotics, you get lactic acid bacteria from three different bacterial strains as well as 400 micrograms of folic acid per serving.

12 billion lactic acid bacteria

3 known bacterial strains

Lactic acid bacteria are different species of bacteria that naturally occur in our intestinal flora. Each stick contains 12 billion live lactic acid bacteria from the known bacterial strains: BIFOLAC™12, BIFOLAC™5 and BIFOLAC™ G. The powder contains natural flavors and sweeteners, which make the product easy to take, even if you feel nauseous.

Natural from Cikorie root

Folic acid

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration recommends a vitamin supplement of 400 micrograms of folic acid per day from planning pregnancy and the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Folic acid contributes to the normal function of tissue growth in pregnant women, cell division, immune system, blood formation, psyche and counteracts fatigue and exhaustion.

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