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Collagen as part of an active lifestyle

Exercise is good for the body and our health. You've definitely heard that several times. Today, more than ever, we are aware that an active and healthy lifestyle increases our well-being, our health and actually also our beauty. But how can you make the collagen powder from Vild Nord a part of your active lifestyle?
We eat healthy and varied, exercise and think of ourselves throughout. For many, caring for your  beauty is also an important part of everyday life. This is where we take care of our inner- and outer beauty, in a way that ordinary diet and exercise cannot always meet.
As part of your beauty care, collagen powder from Vild Nord is a safe choice for those who want a delicious, efficient and nurturing collagen supplement.

“Beauty care is an important part of everyday life. "

Collagen Clean Protein

Healthy food and collagen

Fresh, tasteful and colorful foods - there is plenty to choose from when the dish of the day is to be put together. How to eat, leaves its traces on your body, the inside as well as the exterior. Our body and skin need vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and other nutrients, to function and stay healthy.
With a daily dose of collagen, you can supplement your diet and give your skin the best conditions for firmness  and elasticity. Vild Nord collagen is of the highest quality and made from sustainable wild-caught North Atlantic cod.
Whichever of our collagen products you choose, the powder easily dissolves in water. You can of course, also mix it in your favorite smoothie, juice or your shake before or after a workout - only the imagination sets limits.
It should not be a hassle to take your daily collagen. That's why we've made some delicious and easy recipes where collagen is an ingredient. Try for example. Pink pancakes with Collagen Immune Remedy or A sweet banana- and vanilla.

The protein collagen

From amino acids to protein

Amino acids are the base of proteins And therefore also for the beautiful protein, collagen. All proteins are made up of amino acids and the body needs them all. There are 20 amino acids of which 9 are so -called "essential". This means that they must be supplied through food or supplements as the body cannot form them themselves. The 11 others they do not-Essential amino acids, the body can form itself.
The special about collagen from Vild Nord is that that contains all 20 amino acids. The collagen thus has a complete amino acid profile. This is just another good reason to Vild Nord Collagen should be part of your daily diet - for your whole body's sake.

Collagen Clean Protein - Vild Nord

Collagen Clean Protein For your active everyday life

Collagen Clean Protein is perfect for you as a trainer or practicing sport as it contains a full 95 % protein. Protein helps maintain and build muscle mass and helps maintain normal bones. In addition, the powder has a low fat content so don't think about getting too much of this.
But why just collagen protein powder? Our collagen is extracted from the skin from wild -caught North Atlantic cod. The skin from the fish is hydrolyzed so that the individual collagen peptides achieve a low molecular weight of only 3 kda. The small and light peptides ensure a better absorption in the body than peptides with higher molecular weight.
“Your inner- And external beauty is connected - more than you think. "

An active everyday life

An active lifestyle affects your beauty

Our inner- and outer beauty hangs together - Maybe more than you just go and think. The two aspects together provide our overall beauty, which works in a mutual harmony and which affect each other.

The inner beauty is you as a human and your personality, and is about having positive traits such as empathy, honesty and self -acceptance. In short, it is about having a healthy inner balance and tranquility. Your inner beauty can easily consist of more, and it can therefore be experienced completely differently from person to person.

The outer beauty is your appearance, ie. All that can be seen on the surface. It's your skin, your hair, your smile and a twinkle in your eye.

But how does the interior affect the outer?

  • Self -confidence and radiance
    When you are satisfied with yourself and have a positive self -perception, you radiate this confidence. The inner self -perception shows up in the way you go, talk, smile and see. The same thing also happens if you have a negative self -perception.

  • Health and well -being
    Your inner beauty is not only affected by thoughts and balance. A healthy lifestyle consisting of exercise, healthy eating and self -care is at least as important. Your lifestyle has a direct impact on your external beauty, so why not do what you can to give your body optimal conditions for staying estimated? Go or run for a walk, or bike to and from work and get fresh air and pulse up. It's good for your whole circuit and your sense of beauty.
Exercise in everyday life
  • Stress and imbalance
    Outer influences you are not always lord of, can also affect your inner- and external beauty. If you are stressed about the work, family life or something third, it can affect you relatively quickly and appear through hair loss, pale skin and in some cases early aging.

    Try to stay in balance - listen to your body and treat yourself a little extra when you have the time.

Make Vild Nord a part of your active lifestyle

Do you already take collagen daily and have a clear favorite from Vild Nord? Then do continue with that. If you are new in the collagen world, you can see All our collagen products and choose the one that best suits you and your needs. Do you wish only pure collagen powder with a high protein content, choose Collagen Clean Protein. If you, in addition to collagen, also want a product that contains vitamin C, you can try Our bestseller Collagen Gold.

Vild Nord In an active everyday life

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