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To remember the good habits

Days pass quickly, one after the other, and that's what you should always aim to savor the days as much as possible and make the most of them. Throughout the day, you probably already have one or more good habits going on, so please continue with them, as good habits are incredibly beneficial for you, your body and your inner beauty, as well as the outer beauty.

Remember yourself

In a world where beauty standards and trends are ever-evolving, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant pressure to maintain a perfect and flawless exterior. Nevertheless, what does genuine beauty mean to you? And how can you ensure that your beauty and your health align? We would like to help you on your journey by offering ideas for good habits and how to keep them. 

Enjoy every day

Beauty is so much more than just a beautiful exterior – it is a unique blend that also affects inner health and well-being. Having good and healthy habits plays a crucial role in enhancing your natural beauty, so don't forget the habits that make you feel good, even in an otherwise busy daily life.

But just because you have good and healthy habits doesn't mean that you have to let go of the occasional indulgence in everyday life - even if they may not be as healthy as your better habits. There should be room for being able to enjoy something sweet on a gray rainy day, eat quick and easy food after a long and challenging day, or go to the movies and eat popcorn without feeling guilty. For some, it can also add value, joy and well-being.

A good balance is the key, and that is precisely what increases your natural beauty.

Beauty is not about the outside

Is collage one of your good habits?

You probably already have one or more good habits, and maybe taking collagen is one of them? If not, our collage is ideal as a beneficial habit that enhances your natural beauty, both from the inside and out. Taking collagen daily provides your body with a valuable and high-quality protein, and you can expect to see results after just 8-12 weeks.

Vild Nord offers a variety of options to choose from with different berry blends, vitamins and minerals. Whether you prefer the taste of tangy and sweet flavours of Nordic berries or pure collagen with a natural taste, there is a collagen variant to suit your preferences.

Collage from Vild Nord

What time of day you take your collagen powder is not so important. What matters most is that you allocate some peaceful time to focus on yourself – even if it's just a few moments of self-care. Choose the Vild Nord collagen product that appeals to you and your needs the most, and start a new and good habit today.

You can also incorporate collagen as part of an already existing good habit. If you already drink plenty of liquids, consider mixing, for example, Collagen Beauty Remedy into one of your daily glasses of cold water.

Collagen shake

If you exercise, you can mix collagen powder into your shake, such as Collagen Clean Protein, which, with its high protein content, contributes to increased muscle mass and the maintaining normal bones.

If you are lacking inspiration on how to enjoy your collagen powder, we have created some exciting, delicious and slightly sinful recipes that you will find here. 

3 ways to make collage a good habit

3 ways to make collage a good habit

  • Take your collagen in the morning with your breakfast or other supplements
  • Set a reminder on your mobile phone - you will receive a daily notification to remember your collagen
  • Leave your collagen out where  you can see it, so you  automatically remember to take it

Give your skin peace and time to renew itself

The natural connection to your beauty

It is never too early or too late to start embracing good and healthy habits. Prioritize yourself, your body, and your mind, and give yourself one of the best investments for the future – especially when it comes to your health and beauty.

But what does it really take, and how much time do you have to allocate? We've put together some simple steps you can take to lay the foundation for your lifelong beauty and improved health:

It is at night that you renew yourself

Did you know that a good night's sleep is one of the most effective ways to recharge your body? During sleep, your cells regenerate, allowing your skin to repair itself. Throughout the day, your skin is exposed to a multitude of bacteria and pollution – from bacteria to the sun's UV rays.

The skin the your body's largest organ, and although most of it is hidden behind clothes most of the day, it is always working hard to take good care of you. Make sure to give it all the peace, time and love for regeneration. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night, but of course, the amount of sleep each person needs varies. However, what is common for all of us is that too little sleep makes us tired and unprepared for the next day.

Turn off the TV, put away your mobile phone before settling down - the earlier the better. This way, your eyes can adjust to natural light and avoid stimulating the brain to stay awake due to the "blue light" emitted by screens. Instead, use the time for yourself, let yourself be inspired by the day's impressions, and decide what you want to do tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day, where your skin and body are once again ready for whatever it may bring.

Healthy and varied food

Eat delicious, healthy and colorful food

It is certainly not the first time you have heard that it is important  to eat a healthy and varied diet, and it is guaranteed not to be the last time, because it truly matters. Strive to include a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats, into your diet. These foods provide your body with essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals that help you radiate from the inside out.

Supplement your day, if necessary, with your favorite variant of Vild Nord collagen to provide your body and skin with a little extra dose of beneficial nutrients.

Your skin is the body's largest organ

Water is good for you and your skin

Water is the source of life, and it is crucial for maintaining the skin's moisture, elasticity and glow. Additionally, water plays an vital role in the body's natural elimination of waste products.

When you eat, you can't avoid consuming wast products - they are present more or less in everything. So why not take a simple and effective step to flush them out? Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, adjusting the amount based on your level of activity throughout the day.

Remember exercise

Get off the couch and move every day

Who doesn't enjoy kicking back and relaxing on the sofa? Weather is is while streaming your new favorite series, or diving into the next chapter of your book. After a day with lots of impressions, work and expectations, it's good to disconnect and have some "me time", but remember to get off the couch again.

Disconnecting can also happen when you exercise, and you reap the benefits of exercise at the same time.

Exercise not only keeps your body in shape but also increases blood circulation and promotes a natural, healthy glow.

Discover what makes you happy, then it's easier to make it a daily habit. Perhaps it is time to put on those running shoes,  or maybe it's just a leisurely walk in nature where you immerse yourself int he surroundings - the sounds, the light, the scents, the wind in your hair, and the life-giving rays of the sun. Chances are that you will return home with a beautiful glow and a smile on your face. It is really quite simple – when you feel healthy and energized, it reflects on your facial skin and your overall posture.

If you're not used to exercising, you might feel extra tired afterwards - and that is perfectly normal. Your body needs time to adapt to the extra effort and uses more of your energy reserves. Over time, you will notice that you have more energy instead of feeling tired. 

Spend time in nature

Remember your inner beauty
Don't overlook the importance of nurturing your inner beauty. Mental health is just as crucial  as physical health in achieving natural beauty, yet it's usually the external appearance that receives the most attention.

Spend time engaging in activities that bring you joy and tranquility. Meditation, spending time in nature, reading and nurturing social connections can all contribute to your mental well-being. Being in inner balance and experience joy and peace is guaranteed to show in your attitude and your smile to others you meet on your way.

Feel comfortable

Remember yourself
Don't let beauty trends dictate who you are. Be proud of your unique features and embrace your natural beauty with confidence. Listen to your body and give yourself time to do what you love. Vild Nord love natural beauty because it comes in all shapes and colors and is not limited by trends or ideals. We should be proud of not being the same – our differences make us who we are, so embrace your natural beauty and know that you are completely unique.

Having good and healthy habits involves, among other things, about maintaining a balance between your inner and outer health. When you prioritize your body's well-being, your natural beauty will shine through, giving you a radiant glow that's unmistakable. So always remember that beauty is a combination of self-care, positivity and self-love.

Good habits = more energy

A life with good habits and more profit

Good habits don't always come naturally, but they don't have to be difficult to acquire either. While some habits may require a little more effort than others, they all have in common that they do something good for you and your natural beauty.

The affects and sensations of good habits depends on its nature. For example, dedicating 30 minutes of daily exercise can result in more energy and a more radiant appearance. A good habit of meditating, on the other hand, can give you inner peace and balance.

With Vild Nord, your new good habit can be remembering to take your collagen every day. Over time, you will notice improved skin elasticity and firmness, a sight you undoubtedly will appreciate. Let the good habit begin today by choosing your favorite collagen product from Vild Nord.

Remember yourself every day

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