What foods contain collagen?

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Get collagen from your food

Did you know that actually eating you to more collagen through the diet. It just requires that you know which foods to put your teeth into, and then you should also expect to spend a little extra time in the kitchen. 

Collagen -containing meals typically consist of simmer dishes that have been allowed to cook collagen on the legs and skins for several hours. So it is not in your takeaway or in processed food that you find the way to more collagen. But what foods are it that collagen is found in? We give you answers to this:

In these food items you will find collagen 


It has probably not passed your attention that there is a high content of collagen in the fish's skin. Vild Nord's collagen has just been derived from the skins of the cod, which has lived freely in the icy and crystal clear northern Atlantic. In the kitchen you can make delicious fishing bodies of skins from your salmon- or cod fillet by drying the skin and sprinkling with salt - It tastes great as an accessory. When you use the whole fish, ie the skin, you also help reduce food waste. See the delicious recipe for Fishing skins crackers right here.

Fishing skins a source of collagen


You can also go the more exclusive road and take care of the ocean's wealth such as oysters, crapes, crabs, virgin lobster, shrimp or clams - they are armored collagen bombs. Cook soup or font on the shells, which can be frozen - it is a nice shortcut to collagen when the time is for it.


Both skin, bones and other intestines from beef, chicken and pigs have a high content of collagen, but to enjoy the collagen you need to start the simmer dishes. Cook e.g. A delicious bone broth on the hull from a cooked chicken and herbs or throw yourself into classics such as calf shank and pork jaws. The possibilities are many, and taste particularly good in the winter, and maybe you already have a favorite right in mind? Otherwise, try our delicious recipe for Bone Broth/Foundation of Chicken. It is perfect to warm you on and then it is ideal to have standing ready in the fridge.


Collagen is an animal protein. It is extracted from bones, skin and skins, so that the best strategy for vegans is so far to protect the body's collagen, from what breaks down collagen namely tobacco smoke, sun, pollution and sugar. In other words, this is also called free radicals and they occur when a negative impact occurs in the body - especially in the cells. The next section is especially important for those who are vegan and who would like to do something for your collagen level in the body.

Collagen boosters

You can advantageously eat enough vitamin C, which contributes to the normal formation of collagen, which is important for normally functioning bones, cartilage, gums, blood vessels and not least your skin. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of the vitamin and you can choose from the season. Kale, Brussels sprouts, spinach, blackcurrant, hype, grape, lemon or sea buckthorn to name a little different.

Maybe you want to know which ordinary foods contain the most vitamin C, quite naturally? You get answers to where we mention the content of vitamin C per 100 grams:

  • Acerola - 1677 mg/100 g
  • Parsley - 308 mg/100 g
  • Blackcurrant - 181 mg/100 g
  • Kale - 169 mg/100 g
  • Red pepper - 163 mg/g
  • Sea buckthorn - 131 mg/100 g
  • Broccoli - 117 mg/100 g
  • Brussels sprouts - 101-140 mg/100 g (greatest content, 140 mg, in Brussels sprouts from the period October-decemer)
  • Orange - 54 mg/100 g
  • Lemon - 49 mg/100 g

Source: https://frida.fooddata.dk/food/lists/parameters/47?page=1#parameter47


Premium Marine Collagen Powder

From old simmer dishes to an inner-Beauty Trend

Previously, we got a lot of collagen naturally through the diet, but since it takes some time to prepare collagen -containing meals, as our grandmothers and their mothers did, an intake of collagen powder can be a good alternative in everyday life.

The skin is the body's largest organ, so it makes sense that we look after it - up to 80% of the skin consists of collagen, which helps to hold the skin firm and elastic throughout life,

From the age of 25, a natural process occurs, namely that our collagen level begins to fall and we start to get wrinkles and fine lines in the skin. Therefore, collagen is an Inner Beauty Trend, which is on the lips of many - and not without reason.

We have made Vild Nord Because we are fascinated by the wild nature and what it has to offer, but also because we would like to offer a collagen product that can be used in everyday life when you can't just reach around it all in the kitchen.

Our Marine Collagen has a documented effect after 8-12 weeks, so the faster you start, the sooner you will experience the beautiful effect.

Double-Award -winning Collagen Gold

Our recommendation of collagen product

There are several different collagen products on the market. The difference between them is typically the source - that is, whether the collagen is extracted from fish (marine), cattle (bovine), chicken or pig. In addition, there is quality and molecular weight.

You will encounter collagen products that consist solely of marine collagen, like ours Collagen Clean Protein

But you can also dive into our sea of ​​other collagen variants that have been added to delicious natural ingredients or beneficial vitamins and minerals that can support your beauty and well -being. Some can even care for skin, hair, nails, connective tissue and mucous membranes. 

We recommend that you choose Marine Collagen as it has a complete amino acid profile - and, as mentioned earlier, because the marine collagen is of the same type as naturally found in we human skin, namely Type I. At Vild Nord we have exclusively Products with marine collagen, so you just have to make up for yourself what variant and ingredients you want.

Vild Nord Collagen variants

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