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The many facets of the skin

We give our skin a lot of attention throughout our lives. We wash it with gentle soaps and care for it with nourishing creams and lotions, all to keep the skin beautiful and moist so that we feel comfortable in our body. For many, the skin is a significant part of the identity and the image that we present to our outside world.

Take care of your skin
Your skin has many facets, maybe more than you know. Below we mention 4 short 4 functions your skin possesses:

  • When the skin is exposed to the sun rays, the body forms the important Vitamin D.. Sometimes the skin gets burned - especially if you haven't used sun protection. It leaves its mark on the skin and can speed up aging, in the form of wrinkles and lines, but also as pigment spots.

  • Touching is also an important part of the body's many functions. Everywhere on the skin there are receptors that capture the smallest touch. In some places the receptors are more concentrated and in other places they are more sensitive. The receptors feel both that is nice, and what hurts.

The facets of skin

  • Regulating body temperature is also a task the skin provides. You feel it especially when you sweat in the summer, when the sweat causes the skin and body to cool down.

  • Last but not least, your skin has an important role in the complex immune system. Read on to learn how the skin is part of your immune system.

Your skin is constantly innovating

The skin is the first defense

When we talk about the immune system, it is not always the skin we first think about. But in fact, the skin is the outermost barrier that can keep foreign bodies and bacteria away. The skin is an important part of the immune system and therefore it makes good sense to look after it - throughout life.
The skin is the body's largest organ and one of the places in the body where most immune cells are found. It protects against the sun's strong rays, cold in winter and infections all year round.
Every single day throughout life, the skin acts as the body's largest and first barrier and protects the body's interior from a whole lot of bacteria. In order for the skin's barrier to be as strong as possible, it constantly renews itself.
Every minute, every day, all year round and all life, about 30,000 cell divisions take place in the skin. After just one month, your outer skin layer, epidermis, is replaced and brand new.

The skin as defense

Support for skin and immune system

Collagen Immune Remedy is a collagen supplements containing natural ingredients, all of which are aimed at skin and immune system. The ingredients are all known here in the Nordic countries and have the following amazing effects:

  • Marine Collagen contributes to the skin's elasticity and resilience and can thus reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines

  • Echinacea contributes to the normal function of the immune system

  • Vitamin C from the acerola and blackcurrant contributes to the normal function of the immune system, to reduce tiredness and fatigue as well as a formation normal of collagen that has an impact on normal functioning skin and bones

  • Vitamin D in the form of Earthlight contributes to the normal function of the immune system and supports the maintenance of normal bones

Few but good ingredients

The ingredients may be few, but they are carefully selected so you get the best of nature. The collagen we get from wild -caught North Atlantic cod, is caught sustainably off the coast of Norway.
The highest quality and results after 8-12 weeks are the characteristics of the Vild Nord collagen products, including Collagen Immune Remedy. You can easily dissolve Collagen Immune Remedy powder in liquid - from a glass of cold water to your favorite smoothie. Do try nicecream - a slightly cooler path to your daily collagen and a healthier alternative to softice.

Collagen Immune Remedy Ice Cream

The colour of Collagen Immune Remedy is beautiful burgundy and then it has a nice taste of blackcurrant.
Would you like to try Collagen Immune Remedy? Of course you do and you can even get started quickly. Use ours Store locator to find your nearest dealer where you can buy your new collagen product from Vild Nord today.

Collagen Immune Remedy

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